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Logo design and Branding

What will a good logo design do for me?

Get the image and tone of your company logo correct, and everything else will quickly fall into place. Your logo or corporate brand is often the first impression people have of your business, so it is essential to ensure that your first impression is always a good one.

At every stage of designing a logo, we engage your views and opinions until we have an approved logo design you are happy with the result. The approved logo design is then applied on to all promotional items: stationery design, van design, website layouts and all advertising and marketing imagery following a set of approved branding guidelines.

Logo upgrades: I don't want to change my logo, but it is dated and needs to be upgraded?

No problem, not every logo design needs to start from scratch. Matter of fact many logo designs are upgrades, the most famous of which is the Coke a Cola type which has evolved over decades. The logo image we designed for the Simon Community had to be yellow in tone, and retain a  graphic representation of the door with light appearing through it. The result is a modern upgraded logo with a friendly font that holds its unique character. In the case of Ulster Bank logo, a large part of the brief was to maintain the Hexan shaped graphics and modernize the logo. We changed the typeface to a more bolder contemporary serif type and surrounded it in modern colors to make it more visually appealing on the high street.

Paragon is an award winning logo and branding design company. Unlike other web design studios who dabble in logo and branding design we are fully qualified graphic designer's with over 20 award years of experience at the highest level.